Create topographic models from machinery, remote sensing and LIDAR datasets

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Relief Position

Relief Position

Learn the difference between a central pixel and the mean of its surrounding cells



Calculate the angle of inclination to the horizontal in degrees.



Calculate topographic models and combined maps with automatically created Digital Elevation Model (DEM)



Learn the direction a slope faces determines and how much radiated heat it will receive from the sun to encrease yield



Obtain the hypothetical illumination of a surface by determining illumination values for each cell in a raster

3D maps

3D maps

Generate maps in just a few seconds that contain and simplify the complex variability in the topography


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Digital Elevation Model

Based on remote sensing data sources and on machinery data. Topography and derivatives such as Elevation, Slope, Aspect, HillShade etc, are available for visualization and delineation of management zones. Example of use:

  • Combination of Topography and another layer such as EC for VR map for N application;
  • Investigate Topography as one of the limiting factor by comparing it with vegetation or yield.
digital Elevation Model for the field

elevation and slope derivatives map

Machinery data

Almost any modern machinery has a GPS receiver which is capable of gathering elevation data, quite often accuracy is improved with Real-time kinematic (RTK). a machinery data-based digital elevation model will be a perfect option and significantly improves knowledge about the field. Сreate zones out of machinery elevation data with Zones Creator, use this data in the Zones Ops module (finding of overlappings among different datasets) and use it in multi-layer analytics.


Winning teams choose GeoPard

Zachary Harmer SoilOptix®
Zachary Harmer

We are happy to have GeoPard as part of the platforms working with SoilOptix® data to enable growers and agronomists with the tools to accurately and visually analyze and manage their fields.

Nicole Bartelds

GeoPard Agriculture is a system in which I can store my own data, and also receive current information from satellite images directly from my fields. A system that securely stores my own data ‘in the cloud’, so that I have access to the stored information at any time and at any location. But I also think it’s important that the data is only shared with others if I give permission for this myself, and if I no longer want to share the data, then I can immediately stop the data sharing.

Steve Larocque
Steve Larocque

Data visualization leads to the creation of ideas and analytics helps us to solve problems. GeoPard’s platform not only helps us visualize data but also gives us the tools to analyze data so we can create solutions and write prescriptions agronomists.

PointForward Brendon Friesen

Using Geopard has streamlined key parts of our workflow. In seasons where time is money, we can rely on the team at Geopard to get it done.

Isaac Hickerson
Isaac Hickerson

Geopard is a great tool for us to build management zones with. When we don’t have access to multiple years worth of yield data for a grower, we can utilize GeoPard and the 20+ years of satellite imagery it gives us to build our management zones.

Simon Luyven

It is a pleasure to cooperate with GeoPard. Not only the solutions are innovative, but also the service is excellent.

Jason Diller

When I compare the +20 year GeoPard product map to fields we have a multiple year average yield data its a very close match. The +20 year average map is an excellent product for growers lacking good yield data.

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How does topography influence my fields?

Topography is one of the major factors affecting yield and nutrition content in the soil. Thus slope can be a major yield-limiting factor especially for undrained spots or eroded elevated spots, flow accumulation can impact yield significantly depending on dry or wet years.

What topography derivatives are useful to analyse?

GeoPard automatically creates Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for your field, and calculates the following topographic models and combined maps: elevation, slope, aspect, hillshade, elevation and hillshades, slope and aspect.

What is GeoPard in a few words?

GeoPard is an independent precisionAg powerhouse for any geo-referenced farm data. We help crop farming businesses to streamline their processes.

What do you offer?

We provide precisionAg solutions for growers and crop consultants. For big agribusinesses we also provide API, White label (branded) solutions, Widgets. It allows them to launch their own precisionAg solutions in a matter of a few weeks.

In which languages the application is available?

English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, German, Dutch, Uzbekistanian, and Spanish.

How can I start?

Choose your package, sign up and start to use GeoPard right away.

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