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Integration with MyJohnDeere Ops Center
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The team at GeoPard is pleased to announce their  integration with the MyJohnDeere Operations Center (Ops Center) . MyJohnDeere customers can now seamlessly upload their data into the GeoPard system, where they can do an advanced data analysis, compare information to other data sets, and create detailed  Variable Rate Application (VRA)  maps for seeding, fertilizing and spraying.

These maps can then be wirelessly sent back to the MyJohnDeere Operations center and subsequently to fleets and machinery via a cloud-to-cloud connection, with no need for a USB stick. A step-by-step tutorial about import/export capabilities is here .

Description of Geopard integration to John Deere

Moreover, GeoPard provides  automated synchronization of crop monitoring, detailed topography analytics, machinery and soil scanner data for MyJohnDeere clients.

GeoPard provides automated synchronization of crop monitoring
3D composite based on Productivity Zones and Topography collected by fleets

Agronomists, agribusinesses, precision agriculture specialists, and equipment dealerships can all utilize the GeoPard platform as a means to collate many data sets for optimal analysis.

From the John Deere Operations Center, field boundaries, seeding (as-planted) data, as-applied fertilizer maps, as-applied crop protection, tillage data, and yield data can all be imported to GeoPard and cross-analyzed.

  Planet Imagery (daily, 3m resolution) for Management Zones Creation

This integration has simplified the data streamline process for multiple parties and stakeholders by providing them with a smooth-running analytical engine to gain new insights about relevant land parcels and logistics. 

GeoPard platform as a means to collate many data sets for optimal analysis
Zoned (Classified) VS Original Harvest Data
LiDAR VS Machinery Topography collected by fleets
LiDAR VS Machinery Topography collected by fleets

“Growers, JohnDeere dealerships, and ag consultants need solutions to get informed data-driven decisions. We are proud to be a software partner of MyJohnDeere platform to enable GeoPard precision agriculture analytics solutions for John Deere clients via wireless integration,” said Dmitry Dementiev, CEO & Co-Founder of GeoPard Agriculture.

This collaboration optimizes all the benefits of precision agriculture to users by making the creation of complex and personalized VRA maps increasingly accessible and simple to navigate and manage.

Prescription maps can be sent back to the John Deere Ops Center and to machinery in a streamlined process that promotes efficiency and accuracy for the VRA of multiple inputs.

About John Deere Ops Center : John Deere Ops Center is a digital platform of agricultural corporation  John Deere , where users can manage the logistics and services of their machine fleets and equipment.

  Foodhub NRW

The data is stored securely in user accounts and allows customers to share and analyze their data systems via the internet and IoT devices, optimizing the efficiency of fleet and land management.  Learn more at:

About GeoPard Ag : Geopard is an AgTech company whose mission is to develop accessible and affordable enterprise-level analytics for sustainable agriculture.

Their platform allows you to simplify the complexities of precision agriculture through tools and services like VRA map creation and multi-layer yield, soil, topography, ground scanners and satellite data analytics. Learn more at: .

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